Creosote and Curving Dunes | G Dan Mitchell Photography

Curving sand dunes rise beyond a few scattered creosote plants.

Creosote and Curving Dunes. © Copyright 2022 G Dan Mitchell.

Curving sand dunes rise beyond a few scattered creosote plants.

Well, this is becoming a bit ridiculous. More than once I thought I was at the end of this year’s Death Valley photographs. More than once I’ve been wrong, and a deeper dive into the files produced more images that seemed worthy of sharing. It appears that I’ve been wrong yet again! There’s this photograph, and I still see a few more that will get post-processing love in the near future.

We made a late afternoon visit to these dunes at the end of March. I felt that we’d need about an hour or an hour-and-a-half to photograph them leading up to sunset. The light looked promising in the afternoon and even as we arrived, but soon a thick bank of high clouds developed in the west. By “golden hour” the light was impaired by this development, though there were moments when the sun lined up with thinner clouds and the light took on a bit of a directional quality.

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