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G Dan Mitchell and Patricia Emerson taking a break from photography in the backcountry of Death Valley NP.

Desert Lunch. © Copyright 2022 G Dan Mitchell.

G Dan Mitchell and Patricia Emerson take a break from photography in the backcountry of Death Valley NP.

This is not the kind of photograph I typically post here, but why not!? On our late-March visit to Death Valley National Park we headed up this backroad for the day after morning photography in another location. While midday photograph is sometimes possible in the desert, these aren’t typically the best hours from a visual perspective. So midday is a great time to explore, to scout locations, to travel to places for photography later in the day… and sometimes just to take care of camp business or hang out.

We drove slowly up this road, stopping along the way at various points of interest. (Despite the midday light, we did make some photographs along the route, too.) As so often in Death Valley, the road ends at the remnants of the historical mining era. We explored a bit and then it was time for a backcountry lunch. (It looks pretty meager, but it was good. And those oranges? It is a tradition to bring oranges from my trees on these winter and spring Death Valley trips.)

G Dan Mitchell is a California photographer and visual opportunist. His book, “California’s Fall Color: A Photographer’s Guide to Autumn in the Sierra” is available from Heyday Books, Amazon, and directly from G Dan Mitchell.

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