Featured Photo of the Week: ‘Rain Puddle Ripples’

This week’s featured photograph is called “Rain Puddle Ripples,” an almost abstract landscape photograph featuring overlapping ripples created by raindrops splashing into a puddle on a rainy day.

Black and white photograph of ripples in a puddle of water created by raindrops, by Keith Dotson. Click to buy a fine art photograph.

Below is a picture of a recent print of “Rain Puddle Ripples” made for a client in San Francisco. This is an 8 x 12-inch print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta paper, a museum-quality sheet with a cotton base and baryta-coated surface.

iPhone image of a recent print Keith Dotson’s photo “Rain Puddle Ripples” printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta paper. Click to buy a fine art photograph.

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